Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Delicious Vacation Bites

I'm on vacation and taking a couple of minutes to reach out while waiting for my wife a the Border's bookstore in Keene, NH. I thought I would be able to blog while vacating, but the place we are staying doesn't have internet connection. We are in the boonies. However, I am keeping a log of some delicious bites I have had on vacation. When I get back I'll be blogging about:

  • The culinary delights of 4th of July at Lake Mohawk

  • Our visit to the Original Pancake House:

  • and I will be posting our secret family recipe for Blueberry Kuchen.

1 comment:

Maggie said...

I love the German pancakes from Orginal Pancake House. I'll be looking for the kuchen recipe.