Monday, September 1, 2008

Scrambled Eggs the Right Way (What My Kids Call "Creamy Eggs")

I have often told people that Julia Child taught me to cook. What I learned from watching her shows and reading her books was technique -- how cooking simple food the right way produces memorable meals. One of the things Julia taught me was how to cook scrambled eggs correctly. When I was a kid scrambled eggs were hard, watery, rubbery globs of yellow. Not very tasty. I don't know where I learned this, but I read somewhere Julia's instructions for doing scrambled eggs the right way, and what this technique produces is nothing like the nasty stuff I ate growing. When I feel like fussing over the eggs for breakfast I will do the eggs this way. My kids call them "creamy eggs" thinking they are something really special but what they are are just scrambled eggs done the right way. If you follow the instructions to the T you will be surprised at how great scrambled eggs can be.

Scrambled Eggs the Right Way (Creamy Eggs)

8 eggs, beaten
3 T butter
salt and pepper

In a cast iron or other heavy skillet (not non-stick) melt 2 T butter, just until bubbly. Coat pan with melted butter. Reduce heat as though you were going to simmer soup. Pour the beaten eggs into the skillet. Let eggs sit for about 30 seconds. With a wooden spatula scrape egg mixture off the bottom. Continue to cook the eggs very gently, scraping frequently. What you are trying to do is to just let the eggs set up on the bottom of the skillet while continually incorporating them into the uncooked eggs. Take care not to brown the eggs at all or let them set up to quickly. Keep doing this for about 8-15 minutes until you have a soft, creamy product.

When eggs are just set, no longer has any raw eggs, but are still creamy, remove from the heat and incorporate the remaining tablespoon of butter. Season the eggs with salt, pepper or any kind of herbs you like. Serve immediately. Serves 4.

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