Friday, January 30, 2009

Just What I Neeed on a Cold Winter Morning: Real Hot Cocoa

I made myself a cup of real hot cocoa this morning. Not the powdered stuff or the stuff made from chocolate syrup. It's simple.

Real Hot Cocoa

1 mug full of milk
3 rounded teaspoons of cocoa
3 rounded teaspoons of sugar
dash of salt

Heat the milk in a pan or in the microwave. In the bottom of the mug, mix together cocoa, sugar and salt. Pour a tiny bit of milk into the mug. Mix to form a paste. Pour in the rest of the hot milk. Beat with a spoon until blended and frothy.



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Trey said...

A hot drink would definitely ease the cold weather during winter. It allows us to reflect and enjoy the cup of chocolate's heat. Edmonton has been my home, I just enjoy how the seasons change. For winter we need cocoa; for summer I love ice cream and shakes. Given that my house in Edmonton, hvac is on, I just enjoy being at home.