Monday, December 10, 2007

What's for Dinner

I thought a great way to use this blog would be to post my weekly menu planning. Breakfasts are pretty simple for me. Usually it's either hot or cold cereal, one in a while I will do eggs, pancakes or frenchtoast, but usually this is on the weekend as since we have to get out of the house so early to get the kids to school. I also pack the kids lunch. They want the same thing every day--a sandwich, piece of fruit and something sweet. Since cold cuts start at $4.99 a pound, I try to save by roasting a cheap cut of beef or a whole chicken which I slice for sandwiches.

Dinner, however is a challenge. Putting together five to seven meals a week that appeal to the whole family and don't take half a day to cook can be a challenge. So I think a great thing for us house husbands would be to share a weekly dinner menus. I will also post during the week the recipes I find and come up with that I think are pretty good that I use in these meals.

This weeks menu plan.

New York Strip Steaks w/ mushrooms, red wine and shallot sauce
Home Fried
Steamed Broccoli

Rob's concert at Montclair State University
Dinner with Aunt Cindy (yea, I have the night off)

Chicken Friccasee
Brown Rice

Fish (I'll see what's fresh at my fish guy)

Noodles w/ Brown Butter Sauce
Green Beans

Navy Bean & Bacon Soup

Eat out after church
Home Made Pizza's


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