Friday, December 5, 2008

House Hubbie's Joins "Blogging Out Hunger" Campaign

My fellow foodie and blogging buddy, Deborah of Jersey Bites is coordinating a bloging campaign on behalf of The Community Food Bank of New Jersey. The "This Bank Can't Fail" blogging campaign is scheduled to launch December 15th. The goal is to get 100 New Jersey bloggers spreading the word about the desperate need that The Community Food Bank of New Jersey is in due to the increased demands being put on New Jersey food pantries.

Some of you know that House Hubbie's is a little hobbie of mine. What my real life is all about is being a pastor of community church in Toms River, NJ. I can tell you from direct experience that the volume of calls I have from people looking for help has gone through the roof. The Community Food Bank of New Jersey provides much of the food that is on the shelves of the food pantries that I direct people toward who are in need. There are some alarming trends happening because of the increased need:
  • At the Community FoodBank of New Jersey (CFBNJ), requests for food have gone up 30 percent, but donations are down by 25 percent. - CFBNJ

  • Warehouse shelves that are typically stocked with food are bare and supplies have gotten so low that, for the first time in its 25 year history, the food bank is developing a rationing mechanism. - CFBNJ
I am excited to be part of this effort to raise awareness of the need and hope you will get involved. If you want to participate you can e-mail Deborah at jerseybites (at) gmail (dot) com.

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I am with you on this one!