Monday, June 16, 2008

Grow Your Blog by Learning From Successful Bloggers

I have two goals in blogging. One is to have fun and find an outlet for my creative expressions. House Hubbie's Home Cookin' is a great way to do this. I have another blog that is connected to the small church in Toms River, NJ that I pastor that serves a similar purpose. As a stay at home Dad with two kids in college, the second purpose is to generate additional streams of income by writing and blogging. I have been trying to figure out how to "monetize" my blog and there are all kinds of helps on the web.

I recently found a blog entitled called "Free Advertising Suggestions". It is written by a guys who offers all kinds of suggestions freely from the lessons he has learned in life. This guy mantains a couple of blogs in addition to this one and has learned some lessons about how to grow his blog. I found this post entitled, "Blog Presentation Tips" particularly helpful. If you are interested in growing you blog readership, I would suggest that you it out.


Karin said...

Thanks very much for visiting my blog, Bill. I blog mainly for fun. To "monetize" a blog is very hard. You have to do it aggressively. I can't.

Christine said...

I am discovering that getting readership or monetizing your blog takes a lot more time than I had expected. You really do have to be aggressive. I also think the longevity of your blog is a factor, too. Good luck getting your blog 'out there'! :)

Grill Girl said...

I ought to read up more. I've never made enough to cash out on the blog. I enjoy doing it though. My family likes to see the photos and stuff. Maybe it helps others out there too - I hope (-: