Friday, June 20, 2008

Heading to New Hampshire

The family is getting on the road early to head to New Hampshire today. We are dropping my son and his friend off to Camp Spofford were my youngest son will work on staff in the kitchen.

We usually stop and eat on the road but with the high cost of fuel we are going on the cheap. I picked up a bag of Manhattan Bagels. They are not quite the real thing, but they are the closest thing we have around here to real New York bagels unless you head to the Hasidic section of of the town next to us.

Have a great day everyone!


Debbie said...

Manhattan Bagel Yuck

Frozen bagels

"oh what a bagel " bayville nj
only hand rolled bagels in ocean county.

Good bagels arent cheap
Cheap bagels arent great

Bill said...

Since i don't live far from bayville I will have to give that a shot some day. Manhattan Bagels work for me when I don't have time to drive for the real thing.