Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lightning Stikes During Lunch!

Wow, has this ever happened to you? I was having lunch with my two daughters, my wife and my daughter's friends at La Carreta Restaurante Mexicano in Keene, NH. It was a really good meal. We finished our entree's and were beginning to ponder whether or not we should share a slice of fried cheese cake for desert. All of the sudden, a sound like an explosion rang out, I saw a fire ball of red and orange out the window and sparks traveled from the window across some pipes on the ceiling and along an iron rail! I heard the sizzle of electricy and the smell of ozone filled the air. I jumped up to go the window to see what had happened. We saw a lamp post with broken right near the window. We realized that the building had either been struck by lightening or there was a near miss. After the excitement died down, we sat down to begin our contemplation once again. The waiter came over to us and said, I need to ask you to evacuate the building because it is on fire. So we went outside and waited under the awning for our check while the fire trucks started to pull up. Then we went across the way to get ice cream for desert. Crazy and true!

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Da Old Man said...

That would have to be the most exciting lunch ever. Makes my story of the time the waitress forgot to charge me for the iced tea even more boring

Maggie said...

Yikes! Ice cream sounds like a better dessert than fried cheese cake anyway.