Thursday, August 21, 2008

What's For Dinner? How About Some Goat?

I read an interesting article today in Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette about goat becoming a more common menu item. I have only eaten goat twice, both time while in Jamaica on a missions trip where I had curried goat and a soup made with goat. I enjoyed the curried goat but the soup seemed to be mostly bones, although the flavor was good. In our area we have a lot of hallal butchers where you can buy goat, although I think my wife would object to me using some. Anyone out there cooking with goat?

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Deborah, Site Administrator said...

Hmmm, Peter and I were somewhere where goat was on the menu recently and I can't remember where it was. You'd think that would stick with me. I'll be back when it comes to me. What does it taste like? chicken?


Maggie said...

I've never had goat but I love lamb. My parent's next door neighbor is a Jamaican woman that was a second mother to me when I was young. She's a devout Seventh Day Adventist and a vegetarian but would cook curried goat for friends. It smelled so wonderful, but I never tried it! I should ask her to teach me how to make it.