Friday, August 15, 2008

Who Knew? Julia Child, the Original Celebrity Chef Was a Spy!

I did for one! The internet and newspapers have been all atwitter lately about the release of the personnel records of 24,000 people who were part of the OSS (The Office of Strategic Services). The OSS was the WWII era forerunner to the CIA. Among those whose records were released were Arthur Schlesinger, who later became a speech writer for John F. Kennedy, Miles Copeland, father of Stewart Copeland, drummer for the band The Police, and Julia Child, the original celebrity Chef. For the foodies who read these blogs, Julia Child's spy connection was already well known. I first read about Julia's OSS history in The Greatest Generation, and the connection was elaborated on in the Food Channel's excellent documentary on Mrs. Child.

I always tell my wife, "Julia Child taught me to cook". I was just a kids when I became fascinated by Julia's black and white TV antics on The French Chef. Here are a couple of videos in tribute to Julia. Bon Appetite!

And then there is this classic!

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Deborah, Site Administrator said...

Thanks for finding the SNL video. It is still funny as hell.

Maggie said...

I love that orginal Julia Child chicken episode.

If you haven't read it yet My Life in France is a great book.