Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What Can I Cook With Ground Chicken?

I've never asked for recipes on House Hubbie's before, but there is a first time for everything. My wife thinks I need to eat more healthfully. In her campaign toward that end, she bought a package of ground chicken. Now I have lots of recipes that use ground beef, and I have started to figure out what to do with ground turkey. I am of the belief that in most instances a cook should not just substitute ground turkey for ground beef as the two have different flavors and whatever you do, you try to enhance the flavor of the main ingredient not hide it. So, with chili for instance, I make chili that uses ground beef differently from chili that uses ground turkey. Also, in the case of "turkey burger", instead of just fixing it like a hamburger, I put "thankgivingish" condiments on my turkey burger--I put a couple of sage leaves on it as it cooks, I use cranberry sauce as a condiment on the sandwich, etc. I have gotten to enjoy ground turkey not as a substitute for beef, but as an ingredient that has its own unique flavors. So today I am wondering, how can I accomplish the same thing with ground chicken. If you have a good recipe that uses ground chicken, post it with a link to your recipe. Thanks for the input.

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